Solution for cost effective, efficient and paper less tree survey
Tree census by using GIS & GPS technology
Patent Pending 3383/MUM/2013
This application is copyrighted - 1341/2013-Co/SW

" PMC had also entrusted a private agency (Smart Survey, Pune) This agency conducted the pilot project in respect of certain selected public and private properties. "

According to the Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Preservation of Trees Act, 1975 (amendments done in 2009, Hon. High Court Order 2013), census of existing trees on all lands within Municipal Corporation limit should be done every five years. Tree census is a critical job which requires specialized manpower in the field of botany with knowledge of identification of trees. There are limitations with the staff, duration and the scientific knowledge required for survey.

It is observed that most of the municipal corporations have done their Tree census with inordinate delay due to lack of appropriate knowledge and without aid of modern technology.

To overcome the limitations during tree census we are launching user friendly android based "Smart Survey Software". Smart Survey software runs on general tablet PC having inbuilt GPS facility which makes the results more accurate. This GIS and GPS based paperless exercise involves physical survey and recording of individual trees in the defined area with relevant details such as latitude and longitude, botanical name, common name, approx age, height, girth etc.

This application can be used by the Municipal Corporations, Universities, Botanical institutes, Researchers, private land owners, Forest Department, Environmental Department etc. to carry individual or Government survey.