Solution for cost effective, efficient and paper less tree survey
Tree census by using GIS & GPS technology
Patent Pending 3383/MUM/2013
This application is copyrighted - 1341/2013-Co/SW
Features & Advantages

User friendly, data fields on form are easy to understand and easy to operate.
Database of trees & properties as per requirement of Maharashtra Preservation of Trees Act 1975.
Paperless survey (Tree census), Digitizes all the data
Internet connection is not required for survey
Carried out on Android Device (2.2 and later), having compatibility with all screen sizes and various models/makes.
Application stores date and time of every of data capture for individual tree. It can be used to measure efficiency of the surveyor.
Control on data security and manipulations for android application database as well as for web server where the data will be stored.
Data can not be edited or deleted by surveyor, automatic process to transfer data from android application to web server makes it impossible to edit/delete data.
Web application to process and store data. Server can store unlimited data having unlimited hosting space and bandwidth. Web application is developed using open source tools like php and mysql. MySQL database can handle almost any amount of data, up to as much as 50 million rows or more. The file size limit is 8 TB of data.
Generates notice for plantation of deficit no of trees and species to be planted according to soil type and area of the property to avoid mono-culture.
To maintain diversity of trees present database can be useful.
Mapping of each tree by using GPS locations on Google map/GIS map.
Mapping & tracking of special attention trees; like endemic, rare and endangered trees in the area for regular monitoring.
Diversity of trees in the city/ward/sub ward/particular area
Number of trees in the city/ward/ sub ward/particular area
Observations and Suggestions of plant species for plantation in the property based on natural diversity of trees in the area
Per year Carbon assimilation rate of trees in the city/ward/sub ward, property/individual tree.
Can Take geo-tagged pictures for further reference (single image/panoramic view/video)
Captures latitude and longitude (location) of particular object
Generate different reports based on various criteria like –
property wise
scientific name wise
common name wise
flowering season wise
flower colour wise
fruiting season wise
native/exotic trees wise
growth rate wise
wild/cultivated trees wise
tree use wise
tree condition wise
Tracks boundary of the surveyed area and view it in Google Earth, can calculate the area in square ft/mtr of a particular property.
Data can be captured with great efficiency, it takes just 1.5 minutes to capture data (per tree).
Programmatically generated kml file can be viewed on google map/google earth, viewer can see the complete data on map. Xml file can be generated so that it can be used with any GIS based software.
Survey can be carried out by non-botanists as well.
Onsite availability and comparison of identification of trees with secondary data.
Guidance for plant identification.
Readily available tree identification key based on leaf type of a tree.
Comparison of tree census
Anyone can see the tree census data.
Public participation : we have provided an interface so that anyone can do the tree survey and send data on server, data will not reflect on server immediately, admin will go through the data and will approve it and then it will reflect on server.
Area Calculation : Application calculates the area of each and every individual plot which is considered while generating notice to plot holder.
Track Boundary : This is one of the most important feature in this application, application can track the boundary of the surveyed area. Surveyor has to take longitude and latitude of all corners of the survey area (could be square, pentagonal, octagonal, circular or any type of shape). Surveyed area’s boundary can be seen on google earth/google maps.