Solution for cost effective, efficient and paper less tree survey
Tree census by using GIS & GPS technology
Patent Pending 3383/MUM/2013
This application is copyrighted - 1341/2013-Co/SW
Survey Life Cycle

Surveyor logs in with his login credentials.
Android application authenticates user and gives access for survey.
Surveyor captures area details and tree records.
After completing the survey for that particular day, surveyor visits his office and transfers data from android application to web server. We have developed a software to transfer data from android application to web server, it’s a complete automatic process, data can not be edited/seen/deleted in this process.
Supervisor logs in to web application and goes through the tree survey records done by surveyor, he approves/rejects the entries. On approval data gets inserted into actual database which can be seen by anyone.
Supervisor downloads .kml file and views the data on google map/google earth.
Administrator has rights to edit/delete records.

All these activities are stored (data log files) where user login date, time, ip etc details can be seen.