Solution for cost effective, efficient and paper less tree survey
Tree census by using GIS & GPS technology
Patent Pending 3383/MUM/2013
This application is copyrighted - 1341/2013-Co/SW
How it works

In the proposed system all the data is gathered using an android based tablet/mobile and it is saved in sqlite database. We have added more than three hundred tree species in the database for managing tree inventory and related analytics and many more facilities. Application is capturing the following data points :

Survey Area Details :
Date – system date by default
Ward, sub ward, property details like – public, private, government and road side.
Society name and address, property owner’s details.
Survey area – plot or road
Size of plot

Tree Details :
Vernacular name, scientific name, common English name – surveyor can select the tree name from prefilled database of mostly found 300 tree species or can enter the tree name manually.
For easy and accurate tree identification, we have incorporated an application/website by which tree images can be seen which can help in tree identification.
Approximate height of the tree
Girth at breast height (GBH)
Canopy width
Approximate age of the tree
Status of the tree viz. Balanced and Healthy/ Imbalance/ Dangerous/ Transplanted/ Diseased.
Observations and Recommendations
Latitude and Longitude
Image/Video/Panoramic capture

Track Boundary : This is one of the most important feature in this application, application can track the boundary of the surveyed area. Surveyor has to take longitude and latitude of all corners of the survey area (could be square, pentagonal, octagonal, circular or any type of shape). Surveyed area’s boundary can be seen on google earth/google maps.